On this page you will find an overview of all questionnaires, field reports and other material published so far on the surveys of the Weizenbaum Panel. The survey data will soon be made available as a cumulative dataset for scientific use and secondary analyses. All files are archived on repositories and linked to this website.

General resourcesData Formats
Cumulative data set with survey data from waves WP1-19 to WP4-22n.a.
Tabular overview of all variables of the waves WP1-19 to WP4-22n.a.
Privacy policy for all respondents (as of October 2022)n.a.
Errata listn.a.

If you consider working with the Weizenbaum Panel data, we recommend to first use the table above for an overview of the surveyed variables and the respective wave(s). Once the relevant survey waves are identified, you can download the cumulative data set and pick the relevant survey wave. The questionnaires provide information on operationalization and measurement, and the field reports include material on the data collection. A descriptive overview of central concepts and variables can be found in the annual reports.

WaveYearNQuestionnairesField reportsAnnual reports

Have you worked with the survey data or materials provided by the Weizenbaum Panel? In that case we kindly ask you to inform us about corresponding publications, so they can be included in our publication list.